Harvested Programs

Harvested Programs

MEND Program

Working with MEND, Farming’s Future initiated home garden training for low income residents. The training and instruction given was to assist the local residents develop their own Victory Over Poverty gardens. The participants learned to plant and care for fresh vegetables and herbs for use on their tables,  prepared in their own kitchens.

Wilshire Private School

The Wilshire Private School conducts a full week of special activities in the Spring, Spirit Week.  Farming’s Future gave a workshop on Gardening Day during their last Spirit Week.

Farming’s Future facilitated botanical lessons and planting of two bare root fruit trees. While half of the student body went to the yard collectively digging one of the holes, the other half sang and danced in the classroom learning about the vascular system of these trees including xylem, phloem, roots, photosynthesis, bark and fruiting. Then they switched tasks, giving all sixty students an opportunity to participate in all the activities. It was a kick and a half and fun for the students, teachers, and administrators.

Head of School Marlin Miller gave a ceremonial dedication among all students and teachers on the yard while both trees were planted and troughs measured and leveled. Wilshire Private School plans to harvest their first crop as a gift to the surrounding neighborhood for their kindness and community support. Both trees were generously donated by the Tree People.