Farming’s Future incorporates STEAM disciplines into each program we design.  Additionally, we integrate students with their local community.  The results of STEAM focused programs combined with civic participation leads to stronger, safer, healthier and happier communities.  Initially targeting students grades K-12, Farming’s Future designs and conducts community workshops and programs that includes public schools, secular and non-secular private schools, senior centers, and scouting organizations.

Community Programs

Our programs integrate communities horizontally and vertically. This integration maximizes awareness which leads to wiser, healthier communities.

School Programs

Programs on school grounds, private as well as public, are coordinated to campus guidelines and specific to teacher classroom requests. Since STEAM is integral in our mission, we work closely designing the modules.

Eat Local – Eat Smart – Eat in Season

Farming’s Future programs are changing lives through our focus on teaching students health benefits through fact filled and fun interactive activities; drawing them away from sedentary activities, learning about nutritional content of food, choosing snacks wisely, and addressing childhood obesity/diabetes. Students develop a consciousness leading them to making wiser decisions.

Our Director, Lisa Blomley, is a nurse specializing in childhood diabetes and contributes her expertise to these programs.


Programs just sprouting. Please ask.

Harvested Programs

Previous programs currently fallow.